Friday, May 25, 2012


Next Thursday I am having a show at West Space in the wonderful, newish reading room. It's coming along nicely. I've never felt so challenged and relaxed about a show at the same time, it's weird.
I have also never really done anything involving images of women as well as animals.
You can expect to find many books, collages, a few big drawings and even a rug.

Also, on the night I will be launching a little 48pp, perfect bound book I have put together called FREE.
Consisting of writing from a wonderful list of ladies including Romy Ash, Lorelei Vashti, Mieke Chew, Phip Murray, Laura Castagnini, Josephine Rowe and Zoey Moonbeam Dawson.

Each copy is signed and editioned by me and will be for sale for $15 at the launch and otherwise available to buy after the launch here.

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