Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sunday Paintings

I have recently had the pleasure and honour of installing a solo show in the wonderful Chapter House Lane windows opposite St Paul's cathedral in the city (of Melbourne).

It runs until the the 27th of September, so if you can, please get down and check it out.
Here are a few words I have written about the ideas behind the show.


If you require the service of a tradesperson on a Sunday you expect to pay twice as much as you would on any other day. Yet a ‘Sunday Painter’ is an indisputably negative title. Is a painting that is painted on a Sunday worth more or less?

With these new, large works on paper, I am taking a frank look at the true meaning of the term ‘amateur’ – (to do something for the love of it, rather than money). 
My process was to start with 3 failed paintings from storage and re-works them to a new state, mainly on Sundays. This installation in three parts takes an obtuse, pictorial look at the way we prioritise, utilise and mythologise our free time.

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